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Book of the Month At A Glance&..

Posted January 30, 2021 by stuckint in Book Subscriptions, BOTM / 21 Comments

Hello everyone and welcome to another At A Glance post, a monthly post where I try to provide insight into Book of the Month’s monthly book selections so you can spend less time deciding and more time reading. Overall, my impression this month is that the picks were quite diverse, including three stories that feature […]

What’s In The Box!-..

Posted January 8, 2021 by stuckint in Book Subscriptions, BOTM / 9 Comments
What’s In The Box!– February 2021 Predictions

Hello everyone and welcome back to another What’s In The Box post, where I make predictions for next month’s Book of the Month picks. By popular demand, I am posting my guesses significantly earlier than in months past so that there is more time for all of you to research the potential titles. Keep in […]

What’s In The Box! Janua..

Posted December 4, 2019 by stuckint in Book Subscriptions, BOTM / 14 Comments

Well its that time of the month again where we make our predictions and give our reasons for why we think we’re right. As always, remember that these are just guesses and we are human- so, you know we might be wrong but we feel good about these predictions and are reasons behind them. Riddle […]