Meet Emily and Haley

meet emily

Hi there, I’m Emily!  I’m a lifelong reader and book-lover.  I read primarily fantasy, historical fiction, YA, and mysteries, though I’ve been known to read the odd general adult novel here and there.  I have a pretty extensive book history on and invite you to check me out over there as well.  I am happy to speak to you about books or reading or reviewing or anything at all at Thanks for visiting!

meet haley

Well hello! I’m Haley. I have to admit my love of reading didn’t blossom until about 3rd grade. It started with Black Beauty and has since developed into an all consuming love affair with all things books and reading! I try to read broadly and diversely and enjoy anything from a terrifying haunted house story to a compelling memoir. I love talking about books almost as much as I love reading them, so be sure to stop by and check out what were talking about once in a while!

You can check out what I’m reading over on Goodreads and if you want to see pictures of my three adorable fur babies (or hear more about my books) check out my Instagram @tails.and.tomes.