Month: October 2022

What’s In The Box!- Aard..

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What’s In The Box!- Aardvark November 2022 Predictions

Happy weekend everyone! We have been waiting all week for every Aardvark hint to be released before making this post. We are excited to try our hand at Aardvark predictions. A few notes before we dive in. Unlike our Book of the Month Predictions, these will be a lot less systematic since we don’t really […]

What’s In The Box!- Nove..

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What’s In The Box!- November 2022 Predictions

Hey everyone and welcome to another What’s In The Box post where we make predictions about what Book of the Month might choose as their monthly selection. We are so excited to revive one of our most popular blog posts. We love sorting through upcoming releases and speculating what Book of the Month might pick. […]

Monthly Wrap-Up: September 202..

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Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2022

Hey all! It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. So long in fact that Emily is going to sit this one out. But I (Haley) had one of the best reading months I’ve ever had, so it would be unfair not to get to talk about it. Both the good and the […]

Aardvark Book Club At A Glance..

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Aardvark Book Club At A Glance – October 2022

We are so excited to see another subscription service in the game to rival Book of the Month. There’s nothing like some good, healthy competition to keep things interesting. Since boxes will be going out any day now (we can’t wait!) we thought we would break down the first round of picks. We are both […]