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Aardvark Book Club At A Glance..

Posted October 1, 2022 by stuckint in Aardvark / 3 Comments
Aardvark Book Club At A Glance – October 2022

We are so excited to see another subscription service in the game to rival Book of the Month. There’s nothing like some good, healthy competition to keep things interesting. Since boxes will be going out any day now (we can’t wait!) we thought we would break down the first round of picks. We are both […]

What’s In The Box! Janua..

Posted December 4, 2019 by stuckint in Book Subscriptions, BOTM / 14 Comments

Well its that time of the month again where we make our predictions and give our reasons for why we think we’re right. As always, remember that these are just guesses and we are human- so, you know we might be wrong but we feel good about these predictions and are reasons behind them. Riddle […]