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What’s In The Box!- Janu..

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What’s In The Box!- January 2022 Predictions

Hey Stackers and welcome back to another Book of the Month Predictions post, the monthly post where I speculate what Book of the Month might be planning for their forthcoming selections. This post also functions as a “monthly preview” of new releases hitting shelves next month. I hope regardless of whether these are picks or […]

What’s In The Box!-..

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What’s In The Box!– December 2021 Predictions

Hey stackers. Let me just say how much I appreciate your patience with these posts. Where has November gone! I feel like it was just the 10th and I was sitting down doing my preliminary research to figure out what books I’ll include in this post and what I’ll leave off. Maybe one of these […]

Book of the Month At A Glance&..

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MAIN PICKS Memorial by Bryan Washington At A Glance: Memorial is an ownvoice contemporary novel that is billed as rom-com full of shenanigans, but according to some trusted reviewers this one is a lot darker than some might think. The trigger warnings are extensive and we have attempted to list them all here: domestic violence, […]