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Book of the Month At A Glance ..

Posted January 9, 2022 by stuckint in Book Subscriptions, BOTM / 6 Comments

Hello everyone and welcome to one of our most popular monthly posts: Book of the Month At A Glance. Its a post where we share our breakdown of Book of the Month’s monthly selections and add ons. We pour over countless reviews, read excerpts and explore the themes of each pick in order to help […]

Monthly Book Preview - J..

Posted January 3, 2022 by stuckint in Features, Monthly Book Preview / 2 Comments

Hey everyone and welcome back to Stuck in the Stacks, we’re so excited to start the new year reviving an old favorite of ours- and yes I said ours! Late last year Emily and I started chatting again and decided that we were better as a blogging duo and that we seriously missed each other. […]

What’s In The Box!- Janu..

Posted December 22, 2021 by stuckint in Book Subscriptions, BOTM / 8 Comments
What’s In The Box!- January 2022 Predictions

Hey Stackers and welcome back to another Book of the Month Predictions post, the monthly post where I speculate what Book of the Month might be planning for their forthcoming selections. This post also functions as a “monthly preview” of new releases hitting shelves next month. I hope regardless of whether these are picks or […]