What We’re Reading Wednesday- Reading in the time of COVID Edition

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Hello everyone! Today we are doing a special What We’re Reading Wednesday post talking about what our reading looks like during the pandemic.

Are you reading more or less now?

Emily: LESS.  Way less.  So much less.  The least.  I keep hoping I’ll bounce back, but so far reading still feels a bit like a slog.  Between my own work and degree, plus virtual schooling for the kids, overall stress levels being higher… it just isn’t the distraction that it once was. I barely remember the last time I actually sat down and read more than a chapter or so at a time, which is VERY unlike me.  It’s been tough!

Haley: Like Emily I have also been reading significantly less. It actually makes me kind of sad. I have only read 7 books this month and it makes me feel terrible. So I lowered my Goodreads goal in the hopes that reading would feel less like some thing I have to do and more like some thing I want to do. I will report that how well lowering my Goodreads goal goes but it had been hard to find the energy to read after. I finished my MA and started a new job in May and am still getting used to that schedule.

Do you find yourself drawn to certain genres and avoiding others?

Emily: Well, as you can see regarding whether I’m reading more or less, I’m basically reading nothing, so I’m not drawn to any specific thing.  That said, I have been wanting reads that are a little less complicated, so this is not the time for me to want to reach for a complex fantasy world.  I’ve actually been gravitating toward mysteries moreso, but primarily mysteries with female, British detectives.  I haven’t gone full cozy mystery yet, but I’ve been loving the Charlotte Holmes series by Sherry Thomas, devoured the two books so far in the Laetita Rodd series by Kate Saunders, and am dipping a toe into the Her Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen. 

Haley: Horror. Give me all the horror novels! I have read and purchased more horror novels in the last two months than I normally read in an entire year. With Halloween just around the corner my propensity for darker stuff shows no propensity for tapering off. Some recent favorites have included The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson, Mexican Gothic by Sylvia Moreno Garcia, and A Wicked Magic by Sasha Laurens. I also pre-ordered almost all horror for the foreseeable future so stay tuned for some amazing recommendation lists for September and October.

In which format do you find yourself reading the most?

Emily: I am reading almost exclusively through audiobooks lately, with physical coming in a distant second, and almost not at all on ereaders. This is an EXTREME difference for me, because I used to pretty much exclusively read on an e-reader.  I think I have found audio more appealing for a couple of reasons.  First, it allows me to multi-task a bit more, so my brain stays a  bit more focused.  I’ve gotten really into that diamond painting craft trend, so many nights after the kids go to bed I’ll kick on an audiobook and start placing those little gems.  Second, I don’t have to look at a screen.  I am pretty much done with screens and Zooms and everything else, so ereaders just aren’t holding the same appeal for me lately.

Haley: I have found that, like Emily, most of my reading is done through audiobooks lately. At night I am frequently much too tired to spend too much time reading a physical book. Plus, now that I have to immobilize my felt forearm when I go to bed, holding physical books or my tablet is quite cumbersome. So yes, lots of audiobooks, especially at work when I have lots of other things to do. But I have lots of great books planned to get me in the Halloween spirit starting next week so hopefully those will actually make me want to read more physical books in addition to all the audiobooks I’m working through.

What About You?

How has COVID impacted your reading life? Do you find yourself drawn to specific genres? Do you prefer a certain format? Let us know all about it in the comments!

3 responses to “What We’re Reading Wednesday- Reading in the time of COVID Edition

  1. Deepika

    I have read only 16 books overall this year. It makes me really sad, but I find myself wanting to binge watch mindless television rather than pick up a book. My main form of reading used to be audiobooks during my commute to work, but since I’m WFH that’s shot. This isn’t stopping me from buying more books than I ever have though, so at least when my reading mood comes back I’ll have plenty to choose from ?

    • stuckint

      I am also bringing a lot of comforting Netflix shows (yes I am rewatching Parks and Rec for the 6th time thank you very much).

      I am slowly making my way through books but physically reading is difficult.

  2. wendy chidester

    Still reading quite a bit. I mostly read only mysteries (never depressing) and lately I’ve preferred K9 mysteries. Thanks to Emily for a couple of new authors for me to try! I like that type and era too! Some favorite authors are Margaret Mizushima with Mattie Cobb, Donna Ball and the Raine Stockton series, and Deanna Raybourn with Lady Julia Grey, her first book (Silent in the Grave) has the BEST first sentence ever!! or Veronica Speedwell.

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