Top Ten Tuesday- Who Let You In Here Edition

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Hello everyone! It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve participated in Top Ten Tuesday. The last couple of weeks I’ve been working at the library late Mondays and by the time I get home I’m exhausted. But I have a little more energy tonight so here we are.

Today’s topic is books that have been on our TBRs long enough we can’t remember why we put them there. Its a fun opportunity to dig into my TBR backlist.

1- Markswoman by Rati Mehrotra

I’m not surprised this one is on here. It’s a YA fantasy with a gorgeous cover for starters. Plus it follows a strong female lead who takes it upon herself to expose corruption that she believes resides in her order.

2- High Witch by Mona Hanna

High Witch is a romance novel with a touch of magical realism. For a month Brayden has dreamed of the same women. Then one day that woman walks out of his dreams and into his inn. Ariel tries to keep to herself until she accidentally casts a spell on a guest. What’s make it’s better is that it’s a quick read, clocking in at just under 100 pages.

3- The House Beneath the Oak Trees by Faye Belle

This atmospheric, creepy novel is a haunted house story at its finest. Things go bump in the night, voices in the dark and movement in the periphery are just the beginning. It quickly becomes clear that there is a presence haunting the apartment and only time will tell if the entity is benevolent or not.

4- The Fox Hunt by Mohammed Al-Samawi

This memoir of immigration seems very prescient and important. It follows one young man’s escape from the civil in Yemen when he begins to encourage civil dialogues between Jews, Muslims and Christians. When he starts receiving death threats he and his family flee out of Yemen by means of a social media campaign across four platforms and ten time zones. It is a story about the triumph of the human spirit

5- Why Dragons Hide by Cameron M. Hayden

I will confess that I don’t love this cover. But the concept of a magic order, who puts youth against each other. The winner advances in rank, the loser pays the ultimate price. While a prequel to Hayden’s main series, it is a great starting point for anyone unfamiliar with the author’s work.

6- A Circus of Brass and Bone by Abra S. W. .

So this book kind of sounds like The Night Circus meets Station Eleven with sprinklings of The Walking Dead and I am here for it. When a circus returns from performing overseas they find a post-Civil War country ravaged by disaster and diseases with increasingly worse effects. But the show must go on this steampunk, post apocolyptic novel follows the circus as they travel around the country performing their show for a rapidly deteriorating audience.

7- Out of the Ice by Ann Turner

There is some thing perpetually ominous about the cold, unforgiving terrain of Antarctica. It taut, intense thriller Ann Turner plays off of that uncertainty with in this slow burn thriller where nothing and no one can be trusted.

8- Running From the Mirror by Howard Shulman

This poignant, heavy memoir tells the story of Howard Shulman who was abandoned at a hospital only a few days after his birth and survived an infection that destroyed most his face. A difficult read but as inspiring as they come, this sounds like a fantastic book for anyone who loves a story about overcoming seemingly impossible odds.

9- Obscura by Joe Hart

This psychological thriller follows a character who, through the course of the novel, begins to lose her hold on reality and may or may not commit horrible crimes. Who really knows. What is clear is that this thriller is one hell of a ride. It’s a novel I’m kind of annoyed I haven’t read yet.

10- Saving Beck by Courtney Cole

I love books about heavy topics and this one deals with the drug of a young man as experienced through the eyes of his mother. Most reviewers laud it as brutal and heartbreaking but also hopeful. I feel like it would be an amazing read after devouring Heroin by Mindy McGinnis last year.

What About You?

What are some of the books that have been on your TBR forever? What did you think of my picks? Let me know in the comments!

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