Matters of Shelf Control- Reading Essentials (Hold The Book Please!)

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Matters of Shelf Control is a feature in which I talk about HOW I’m reading, rather than WHAT I reading. So if there is an aspect of my reading life you’d like me to cover let me know know!

Today I am talking all about the non bookish things that are essential to my reading/blogging life.

1- My Reading Planner

I could not get through a single day without my planner. Every year for work we get a small budget to purchase a planner so I of course got a bibliophile planner that has space to write what I want to read as well as what I read every month.

2- A Cozy Blanket

This cozy picture was originally posted here. I have actually been pining over a new blanket but I’m all about cozy and warm, especially since the weather is starting to turn. Finally! But reading under a blanket, be it on my bed or in my recliner is a must.

3- Iced Coffee

No matter the time of year, I drink iced coffee. Some times baristas silently judge me but I could care less. I love iced coffees and teas and am actually drinking a chai as I type this. Everyone has their essential reading beverage and iced anything is mine

4- My Reading Buddies

Bloggers and bookstagrammers, meet my fur-babies from left to right- Winston, Napoleon and Zoe. They are all rescued and honestly complete our family unit. Each of them is a serious snuggler in their own way and so when I’m reading- or doing anything really- at least one of them can be found nearby.

5- Bookish Podcasts

There are weeks where I listen to more podcasts than audiobooks. I have so many favorites, but as a librarian I always find it incredibly important to be in the now about what’s happening in the book world and publishing industry.

6- My Wireless Headphones

Given the above section about podcasts, I don’t think I need to explain my love of wireless headphones but they are amazing and I actually found the perfect size for my tiny ears. I honestly could not get through a work day- or so many audiobooks- without them.

7- Snacks

I love snacks. Just ask my husband and when I read is no exceptions. The format (i.e. an ebook, physical book, etc…) usually determines what sort of snacks. Can’t chip dust on my fingers when reading a physical book. But I also love candy and love things like skittles and m&ms.

8- Bookstagram Props

I really got into Bookstagram this past year and it would not be able to get photos out everyday without the piles of silk flowers that fill the closest of my library. I love matching color combinations with book covers. It’s a nice creative outlet and I really enjoy doing it.

What About You?

What are your reading essentials? Do we have any in common? Let me know in the comments!

One response to “Matters of Shelf Control- Reading Essentials (Hold The Book Please!)

  1. Ann

    I am pretty easy! Bed & pillow, with my current read, and several other options within reach.

    I keep a little sand filled leather weight on hand, to help hold my pages open, depending on the books placement.

    I have developed a horrible habit of checking my Instagram first. It seems like the “you are all caught up,” takes longer & longer each evening; putting off the start of my reading.

    I make up for it sometime by picking up my book and resuming, if I wake before daylight. Or first thing when I wake up, before I start my day.

    I must have a current read and minimum of 3 others on hand at all times.

    I was thinking the other day: for as much as I read, I do not have a comfortable chair to read in. Very sad 😢

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