Monday Matinee- Parks and Rec Edition

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A couple weeks ago I did a Monday Matinee featuring book recs based on your favorite character from How I Met Your Mother (find that post here) so I wanted to continue the tv tie in recs, this time, with popular characters from the hit show: Parks and Recreation.

Ron Swanson


If you gravitate towards characters like Ron you likely enjoy characters who March to the beat of their own drum, love the outdoors and despise anything and everything related to the status quo.

Tom Haverford


If you love Tom you probably enjoy a character who has their finger on the pulse of all that’s popular and trending. Protagonists/Characters like Tom make opporunities for themselves and are always looking for new opportunities.

April Ludgate


if you are drawn to characters such as April you probably like those with seemingly prickly exteriors but who are fiercely loyal in the relationships they do permit. Like Ron characters, they too march to the beat of their own drum, but unlike Ron, they actively seek quirky and borderline and uncomfortable behavoris mostly to get a reaction out of people.

Andy Dwyer


Ever the goof and optimist, if you love characters like Andy you enjoy protagonists who never take themselves too seriously. In the eyes of similar characters the world is always good and the days are full of love and sunshine. Some might call Andy characters immature but is it really so bad to be so in touch with your inner child?

Leslie Knope


Characters like Leslie are the rule keepers. The sort of people who believe that they can make a difference and strive to do just that. They are organized, opinionated and thoughtful. They care deeply for those they love and are idealistic when it comes to their outlook on life. If you love characters like Leslie you likely love the kinds of character who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.

What About You?

Which Parks and Rec character is your favorite? Which books would you recommend for each one? What did you think of my picks? Let me know in the comments!

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