Mitchell’s Musings- Rereaders Unite!

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Hello everyone! Haley here! This post is going up a little later because Emily and I are both knee deep in midterms and papers, among other things. I am so excited to share a post by my wonderful husband who is endlessly supportive of all my bookish pursuits.

He also loves to read, though he always teases me and says that he is a level 1 reader because the rate and amount of books we read varies widely. But we at Stuck in the Stacks welcome all kinds of readers and we are so happy to have Mitchell here to share his thoughts on, and love of, rereading. Especially because, as you know, Emily and I aren’t avid rereaders.

Mitchell’s Musings

I have a very different approach to reading than what some might be used to.  I often find myself conflicted. On the one hand I would love to be one of those people who is well read and exposed to a wide variety of books, but on the other I have a handful of books that are like a security blanket. These are books I keep coming back to read and listen over and over again.

Why would I risk spending my reading time on a summer thriller when I have Skippy, Joe, and the gang in Craig Alenson’s Expeditionary Force series? What is more thrilling than a ragtag gang of misfit pirates in a stolen alien starship cruising the galaxy trying desperately to keep earth below the radar of an entire universe of technologically superior races hell-bent on killing and subjugating each other?

Why would I read the hot new fantasy series when here on my shelf are Rand, Perrin, and Mat? In his Wheel of Time series Robert Jordan crafted one of the greatest fantasies of all time. It’s got everything you can ask for. Magic, epic battles, political intrigue, comedy, romance, good guys, bad guys, and guys that you just never know who’s side they are on until that big twist.

How on earth am I going to find the space in my mind for a new series this year when Brandon Sanderson is releasing the new book in the Stormlight Archive? That’s a hundred and fifty-four hours of audio books I have to listen to again so I can hit the ground running this fall in Rhythm of War. By the way, when Haley told me that was the title I may have squealed in excitement. 

Let me answer these questions for you. I have no fear of missing out. So to all of you re-readers let’s just do us and leave the new books to other people. We can come out from under our security blankets any time we want to….we just don’t want to.

What About You?

Do you like to reread? What’s your favorite series to revisit? Let us know in the comments! Oh and Mitchell will be around to answer questions too! So be sure to nerd out about all your favorite sci-fi and fantasy series!

5 responses to “Mitchell’s Musings- Rereaders Unite!

  1. Candice Tallent

    I love this! I’m not much of a re-reader, if at all, but learning why you reread is fascinating to me! I get it now…you simply don’t want to leave these cherished worlds. Perfectly great reason to reread.

  2. Lynn Lemmon

    I haven’t been a re-reader as much of my enjoyment in reading comes from wondering what’s on the next page. Well, now that I’m getting older, and I can’t remember what I read last night, let alone what I read last year, I will never have to buy another book. I can just re-read everything I’ve already read and it’s like reading it for the first time. 😂
    I’m presently re-reading The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye. I’m about 3/4 of the way through and I keep thinking I’ll remember how it ends. I just remember that it didn’t disappoint. 😆

  3. Lisa

    I have a ton of books that I’ve been wanting to reread, but I also have a massive TBR pile, so I’ve always felt a little (strangely) guilty going back to reread something I’ve already read. BUT! Lately I’ve gotten into rereading through audiobooks, and I love it! I’ve never been a huge fan of audiobooks, because I’m definitely more of a visual person and tend to get distracted from the story and then I’m confused about what I’m even listening to. So the perfect solution for me is to use audiobooks to reread my faves! I’ve really been loving it-when I want to sit down and read, I pick a new book, but when I’m driving, or going for a walk, or cleaning the house I can relax back into a world and characters that I know and love.

    • Mitchell

      For sure audiobooks are the best way to reread. They are the best thing for getting through life’s mundane tasks like dishes, laundry, working out, ect.

      When I do read something new I’ll frequently have a print version of the new book but be listening to a familiar audiobook during the day.

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